In today’s digital age, coding has become an essential skill for the future. Introducing kids to coding at a young age can spark their interest in technology and enhance their problem-solving skills.

With numerous coding apps for kids available, it’s crucial to choose the right ones that combine fun and education. Here are the 7 best coding apps for kids in 2024 that parents and educators should consider.

1. ScratchJr


ScratchJr is a beginner-friendly coding app designed for kids aged 5-7. It uses a visual programming language that allows children to create interactive stories and games.


  • Intuitive drag-and-drop interface
  • Encourages creativity through storytelling
  • Developed by MIT Media Lab

Why It’s Great:
ScratchJr introduces basic coding concepts in a playful and engaging manner. Its simplicity and ease of use make it perfect for young kids who are just starting their coding journey.

Download Links: iOS | Android

2. Hopscotch


Hopscotch is a versatile coding app suitable for kids aged 9-13. It offers a block-based coding environment where children can create their own games and animations.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Tutorials and challenges to inspire creativity
  • Community sharing to showcase projects

Why It’s Great:
Hopscotch provides a comprehensive platform for kids to explore coding at their own pace. The app’s vibrant community and interactive tutorials make learning coding fun and engaging.

Download Links: iOS

3. Tynker


Tynker is a popular coding platform designed for kids aged 7 and up. It offers a range of coding courses, games, and challenges to teach programming concepts.


  • Block-based and text-based coding options
  • Self-paced learning with interactive tutorials
  • Integration with Minecraft for game modding

Why It’s Great:
Tynker’s diverse range of courses and activities caters to different skill levels, from beginners to advanced coders. The integration with Minecraft adds an exciting dimension to learning.

Download Links: iOS | Android

4. Lightbot


Lightbot is a puzzle game that introduces kids to programming logic through fun and challenging levels. It’s ideal for children aged 4-8.


  • Engaging puzzles that teach programming concepts
  • Step-by-step problem-solving approach
  • Available on multiple platforms

Why It’s Great:
Lightbot’s game-based learning approach helps kids develop logical thinking and problem-solving skills. The app’s gradual difficulty increase keeps young learners engaged.

Download Links: iOS | Android

5. Kodable


Kodable is a comprehensive coding app for kids aged 4-10. It offers a progressive curriculum that starts with basic concepts and advances to real-world programming languages.


  • Step-by-step curriculum with guided lessons
  • Hands-on activities and challenges
  • Introduction to JavaScript for older kids

Why It’s Great:
Kodable’s structured curriculum and engaging activities make it an excellent choice for parents and educators looking to provide a solid foundation in coding.

Download Links: iOS

6. CodeSpark Academy

 CodeSpark Academy

CodeSpark Academy is an award-winning coding app for kids aged 5-9. It uses a game-based approach to teach programming fundamentals.


  • Interactive games and puzzles
  • No reading required, perfect for pre-readers
  • Customizable characters and stories

Why It’s Great:
CodeSpark Academy’s no-reading-required approach makes it accessible to younger children. The app’s focus on creativity and critical thinking sets it apart from other coding apps.

Download: iOS | Android

7. Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds

Swift Playgrounds is an app developed by Apple to teach kids and beginners the Swift programming language. It’s suitable for kids aged 10 and up.


  • Interactive lessons with real Swift code
  • Integration with Apple hardware and software
  • Challenges and puzzles to reinforce learning

Why It’s Great:
Swift Playgrounds provides a seamless introduction to a professional programming language. Its engaging interface and interactive content make learning Swift enjoyable for kids.

Download: iOS


Coding is an invaluable skill for the future, and these seven coding apps for kids in 2024 offer the perfect blend of fun and education.

Whether your child is just starting or looking to advance their coding skills, these coding apps provide a solid foundation and keep them engaged. Introduce your kids to the world of coding today, and watch them create, innovate, and excel.

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Last Update: June 7, 2024