Turkish series, known for their compelling storylines and high production values, have captivated audiences worldwide. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or a newcomer looking to dive into the rich world of Turkish dramas, finding the best places to watch these series with English subtitles can be a game-changer.

This article explores the top 6 platforms that offer an excellent viewing experience for Turkish series with English subtitles. From subscription-based services to free streaming sites, we’ve got you covered.

Why Watching Turkish Series is Popular

There are several reasons why watching Turkish series with English subtitles has become increasingly popular:

  1. Compelling Storylines: Turkish series are renowned for their intricate plotlines, complex characters, and emotionally charged narratives that often explore themes of love, family, and social issues.
  2. Stunning Visuals: These shows showcase the breathtaking natural beauty of Turkey, with locations ranging from the vibrant streets of Istanbul to the serene landscapes of Cappadocia and beyond.
  3. Cultural Immersion: Watching Turkish series with English subtitles allows viewers to immerse themselves in the rich cultural traditions, customs, and social dynamics of Turkish society.
  4. High Production Values: Many Turkish series boast impressive production values, with cinematic camerawork, captivating music, and talented actors who bring the characters to life.

1. Netflix

Top 6 websites to Watch Turkish Series with English Subtitles

Netflix has become a household name for streaming a wide variety of TV shows and movies, including an impressive collection of Turkish series with English subtitles. Some of the most popular titles available on Netflix include “The Protector,” “Resurrection: Ertugrul,” and “The Gift.” These series have gained international acclaim, attracting a global audience and showcasing the rich storytelling tradition of Turkish dramas.

Key Features:

  • High-Quality Streaming: Enjoy Turkish series in HD and 4K resolutions.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation and personalized recommendations.
  • Download Option: Download episodes for offline viewing.
  • Wide Selection: Access a diverse range of genres from historical dramas to contemporary thrillers.

As a Netflix subscriber myself, I’ve found the platform’s recommendation algorithm incredibly useful in discovering new Turkish series. The ability to download episodes and watch them offline has been a lifesaver during long commutes or when traveling. The high-quality streaming ensures an immersive viewing experience, making it feel like you’re right in the middle of Istanbul or the Ottoman Empire.

Download Link: Netflix

Pricing: Starts at $8.99/month

2. YouTube

Top 6 websites to Watch Turkish Series with English Subtitles

YouTube offers a plethora of Turkish series, often with English subtitles. Many official channels upload full episodes, making it a convenient and accessible option. Channels like “Turkish Drama” and “Kanal D” are popular for their extensive libraries. YouTube’s community aspect also allows fans to engage with one another, sharing their thoughts and recommendations in the comments section.

Key Features:

  • Free Access: Watch Turkish series without a subscription fee.
  • Variety of Content: Find both classic and contemporary Turkish dramas.
  • Community Subtitles: Benefit from subtitles added by the community for various languages.

One of my favorite aspects of watching Turkish series on YouTube is the interaction with other fans. The comments sections often provide insights and recommendations that enhance the viewing experience. Additionally, YouTube’s algorithm helps in discovering new series based on your viewing history, ensuring you never run out of content to watch.

Download Link: YouTube

Pricing: Free (with ads)

3. Turkish123


Turkish123 is a dedicated streaming site for Turkish series with English subtitles. It’s a go-to for many fans looking for the latest episodes and a vast collection of Turkish dramas.

The site is updated regularly, ensuring that you can keep up with the newest releases and never miss an episode of your favorite series.

Key Features:

  • Extensive Library: Access to a wide range of Turkish series.
  • Regular Updates: Latest episodes are uploaded shortly after airing.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Easy navigation and search functionality.

I’ve found Turkish123 to be an invaluable resource for catching up on the latest episodes of my favorite Turkish series. The site is well-organized, making it easy to find specific episodes or explore new series. The regular updates mean you can stay current with ongoing series, and the community of fans provides additional support and recommendations.

Download Link: Turkish123

Pricing: Free (with ads)

4. Puhutv


Puhutv is a popular streaming platform in Turkey, offering a range of Turkish series with English subtitles. It’s known for hosting some exclusive Turkish dramas that aren’t available elsewhere. Puhutv’s focus on Turkish content ensures a rich selection of series that cater to a wide variety of tastes and preferences.

Key Features:

  • Exclusive Content: Access to exclusive Turkish series.
  • High-Quality Streaming: Watch in high resolution.
  • Free Streaming: Enjoy content without any subscription fees.

Puhutv’s exclusive content sets it apart from other streaming services. Some of the most critically acclaimed Turkish series are available only on Puhutv, making it a must-have for fans of Turkish dramas.

The high-quality streaming and user-friendly interface enhance the viewing experience, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the captivating world of Turkish series.

Download Link: Puhutv

Pricing: Free (with ads)

5. DiziBox


DiziBox is another excellent platform for watching Turkish series with English subtitles. It’s particularly popular among fans for its vast collection and user-friendly interface. DiziBox offers a comprehensive library of Turkish series, from classic dramas to the latest releases, ensuring that there’s something for everyone.

Key Features:

  • Comprehensive Library: Wide selection of Turkish series.
  • Easy Navigation: User-friendly site with organized categories.
  • Regular Updates: Latest episodes available quickly.

As a long-time user of DiziBox, I appreciate the platform’s extensive library and easy navigation. The site is well-organized, making it simple to find specific series or discover new ones. The regular updates ensure that you always have access to the latest episodes, keeping you engaged and entertained.

Download Link: DiziBox

Pricing: Free (with ads)

6. TurkFlix


TurkFlix is a niche streaming service dedicated to Turkish series. It offers a subscription-based model with a focus on providing high-quality English subtitles for a seamless viewing experience. TurkFlix’s commitment to quality ensures that you get the best possible experience when watching your favorite Turkish series.

Key Features:

  • Ad-Free Experience: Enjoy Turkish series without interruptions.
  • High-Quality Subtitles: Professional English subtitles for better understanding.
  • Exclusive Content: Access to exclusive and popular Turkish series.

I’ve found TurkFlix to be an excellent choice for watching Turkish series without any interruptions. The ad-free experience enhances the immersion, allowing you to fully engage with the storyline.

The high-quality subtitles are a significant advantage, ensuring that you don’t miss any of the nuances of the dialogue. TurkFlix’s exclusive content also includes some of the most popular Turkish series, making it a worthwhile investment for any fan.

Download Link: TurkFlix

Pricing: Starts at $5.99/month


In summary, the world of Turkish series is vast and incredibly engaging, offering something for everyone. Whether you prefer the convenience and high quality of Netflix or the extensive, free libraries of platforms like YouTube and Turkish123, there’s a perfect option for you.

Each platform offers unique features and advantages, catering to different preferences and viewing habits. By exploring these top 6 places to watch Turkish series with English subtitles, you can dive into the captivating world of Turkish dramas and enjoy every moment. Happy watching!

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Last Update: May 26, 2024