If you’re someone who values keeping your digital footprint on the downlow, using a VPN should be a total no-brainer. And when it comes to iPhone and iPad users, there’s no shortage of awesome free VPN apps to secure your online movements.

From encrypting your traffic and masking your IP, to bypassing geo-restrictions and getting rid of censorship, a quality VPN is your key to maximize your internet freedom. But let’s be real, not all free services are created equal. Some are totally sketchy data miners, while others are straight up slow and unreliable.

That’s why we’ve created this epic lineup of the 9 best free VPN apps for iPhone and iPad coming hot in 2024. Optimized for mobile, packed with privacy perks, and rocking fast, secure tunneling – these are the VPNs worth your precious gigabytes.

1. ProtonVPN Free

ProtonVPN Free

Download: ProtonVPN Free
Strict no-logging policy, unlimited data, servers in 3 countries

This free VPN is brought to you by the same trusted nerds behind ProtonMail’s encrypted email service. ProtonVPN follows a strict no-logging policy while providing unlimited data with decent speeds via servers in 3 countries. A slick, user-friendly app rounds out ProtonVPN’s impressive free offering.

Key Features:

  • No logs or data mining – maximum privacy
  • Unlimited bandwidth for streaming and torrenting
  • Access servers in US, Netherlands, and Japan
  • Strict Swiss privacy policy and open-source apps

2. PrivadoVPN Free

PrivadoVPN Free

Download: PrivadoVPN Free
10GB data/month, servers in 13 countries, no logging

PrivadoVPN’s freemium service is an excellent option for light browsing and streaming on the go. While you only get 10GB of data per month, you can choose from a respectable 13 country locations with decent speeds. The apps are easy to use and back up PrivadoVPN’s strong no-logs stance.

Key Features:

  • 10GB of free data per month for mobile use
  • Choose servers from 13 countries worldwide
  • Strict zero-logging policy for total privacy
  • User-friendly iOS apps with kill switch

3. Avira Phantom VPN Free

Avira Phantom VPN Free

Download: Avira Phantom VPN Free
Unlimited data, servers in 38 countries, based in Germany

When it comes to generous free data allowances, Avira’s Phantom VPN sets the bar high with no caps whatsoever. This German provider hooks you up with encrypted servers spanning 38 countries for maximum online flexibility. The apps are likewise polished and pack handy features like auto-connect.

Key Features:

  • Zero data limits – use Phantom as much as you want
  • Connect securely through 38 countries worldwide
  • Based in privacy-friendly Germany with no logs kept
  • iOS apps with split-tunneling and auto-connect

4. Atlas VPN Free

Atlas VPN Free

Download: Atlas VPN Free
3 GB data/month, premium data streamer, no-log policy

With a tight 3GB monthly data cap, Atlas VPN’s freemium service works best for quick, lightweight browsing sessions on your iPhone or iPad. But where Atlas shines is its premium data streaming servers optimized for buffer-free Netflix, Hulu, and more. The apps are likewise super intuitive for VPN newbies.

Key Features:

  • Data cap of 3GB per month for free mobile use
  • Premium data streamer servers for seamless streaming
  • Strict no-logging audited policy for data privacy
  • Highly secure, user-friendly apps for iOS devices

5. TunnelBear Free

TunnelBear Free

Download: TunnelBear Free
500MB data/month, part of premium network, trusted brand

TunnelBear’s cheeky brand personality definitely wins them some cool points. But their free VPN app also delivers with servers that route through their premium network. You only get a 500MB monthly allowance, but TunnelBear ensures zippy speeds and top-tier encryption.

Key Features:

  • 500MB of free data for monthly mobile browsing
  • VPN servers on par with TunnelBear’s premium tier
  • Audited for privacy and based in privacy-safe Canada
  • Sleek, easy-to-use iOS apps even VPN newbies can manage

6. hide.me Free

hide.me Free

Download: hide.me Free
10GB data/month, premium servers, based in Malaysia

Hide.me stands out from the pack as one of the few free VPN services based in Malaysia – a country with zero data retention laws. Their free version gives you a solid 10GB per month data cap and grants access to hide.me’s premium server network at full speed. Not too shabby!

Key Features:

  • 10GB of free mobile data every month
  • Servers optimized for streaming and P2P
  • Based in Malaysia with zero data-logging
  • Fast, secure iOS app with no throttling

7. Windscribe Free

Windscribe Free

Download: Windscribe Free
10GB data/month, unlimited device connections, ad blocker

In addition to a generous 10GB monthly mobile data allowance, Windscribe gives you the flexbility to lock down an unlimited number of iPhones or iPads. Their free app also packs built-in ad and malware blockers to bolster your online security while browsing.

Key Features:

  • 10GB per month mobile data for free use
  • Connect unlimited iOS devices simultaneously
  • Built-in blocker for ads, malware, trackers
  • Based in privacy-safe Canada with strict no-logs

8. Speedify Free

Speedify Free

Download: Speedify Free
No data cap, channel bonding for faster speeds

Speedify’s killer feature is its unique channel bonding technology that combines Wi-Fi and cellular data into a speedy encrypted connection. While the free version is ad-supported and limits you to a single server location, you get unlimited data usage – a major perk for iPhone and iPad diehards.

Key Features:

  • No data caps to limit your free mobile usage
  • Channel bonding for fusing data into faster streams
  • Unlimited simultaneous devices on the free plan
  • Based in the US with a solid no-logging policy

9. Free VPN by Free VPN.org

Free VPN by Free VPN.org

Download: Free VPN by Free VPN.org
10GB data/month, bare-bones functionality, mobile optimized

If you prize sheer simplicity above all else, Free VPN’s iOS app offers a wonderfully minimalist take on mobile VPN services. It’s little more than a basic tunnel with a 10GB monthly cap and minimal server locations. But for casual mobile browsing, Free VPN gets the job done nicely.

Key Features:

  • 10GB monthly data allowance for free mobile use
  • Simple, lightweight app optimized for iOS
  • Based in Switzerland with a clear zero-log stance
  • No frills, just a fast and easy mobile VPN for basic needs

In Conclusion

There you have it guys, an epic roundup of the best free VPN apps for iPhone and ipad to keep your iPhone and iPad activities ultra-secure and anonymous in 2024. These top-rated services slay in the encryption game while serving up unlimited data, uncapped server access, and lightning-quick mobile performance to boot. Leave those sketchy data miners in the dust and start surfing like a total renegade!

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Last Update: May 2, 2024